Stoneleigh Brasserie

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Stoneleigh Brasserie is awarded as the Best London Suburb restaurant. While this came as good news to the curry lovers in and around Epsom, the restaurant rejoiced with the hike in services. With a team of award-winning chefs and service enthusiastic staffs, it is always ensured that food quality is over-the-top. The ingredients are fresh and prepared with much love and care. On top of it, it is always at the back of the mind to prepare food so that they can be delivered at the right temperature and texture to your door.

Whether you wish to order food online in KT17 or dine in, Stoneleigh Brasserie should be your go-to place if you love Indian food. Kormas, Pasanda, Vindaloo to Biriyanis, vegan main dishes, and mouthwatering starters, all are available in one sleek menu. Friendly staffs, award-winning chefs, traditional ambiance and comfortable arrangements, what else can you ask for to have a hearty experience. Come to visit us or order online and have a wonderful culinary experience.