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We created the original silk pillowcase that many have tried to replicate over the years. Not one have met the uniqueness of our products and even performance.

Our silk products use all-natural materials that are not artificially coloured, so they are completely non-toxic. It’s the main reason that they come in a natural colour which fits with any decor or even bedding. There really is nothing else like it on the marketplace, which is why we get endorsements from celebrities, press and even television.

With 15 years as an industry pioneer, Silkskin is an award-winning company and their products are undeniably the very best out there.

Silkskin has also specialized collaboration with a lot of well known business such as Chanel, John Frieda, Dove, Aveda, Charles Worthington and many more. Royalty, doctors and even celebrities sleep on our silk pillowcases!