Ruchi Indian Restaurant

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An Indian restaurant in West Hampstead, Ruchi is a popular restaurant in the area serving delicious Indian and Bangladeshi food. Ruchi is a Bengali word meaning ‘Appetite’. This was pretty laid out as we work towards food and service for our customers that is downright appetising. Come pay us a visit and enjoy our dishes.

The décor of Ruchi has a unique identity. Inspired from the history and tradition of Bangladesh, the interior has been decorated with bamboo furniture and walls with paintings that resemble history, pride and tradition of Bangladesh. The menu has been designed to equally emphasize on Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines, and to portray how similar yet differentiating these cuisines are. Biriyanis, Curries, Tandooris, Vegetable dishes all can be found. Come dine in at Ruchi or order online Indian food in West Hampstead from our order online menu. To know more about Ruchi and its updates, visit our website –