Direct Tutoring

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Direct Tutoring is an online database of verified tutors. The efficient online system keeps it very easy and simple to find the most ideal tutor. The goal of the site is to ensure students can find the best possible tutor for their chosen discipline in their local area. The motto of Direct Tutoring is” Strive For Success” and we strongly believe all students have the potential to achieve success in education. The company was established by Dr Callum Russell, a former student and chemical engineer. Dr Russel turned into a successful tutor and intended to expand his teaching philosophy to the entire UK, be offering students an easy platform for finding experienced tutors.

Types of tutors include

– Maths
– English
– Science
– French
– Spanish
– History
– Business

Our Process

The Direct Tutoring process is simple. Just browse the website, use the search parameters and start chatting to your selected tutor completely free. Once you find a tutor you want to hire, you need to make a small one off payment of ₤ 24 and you are all set to start.